Handmade luxury chocolates from Navona D' Oro

These premium chocolates are free of preservatives and do not contain chemical dyes. Made with 100% cocoa butter.

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Danubio design, produced in milk or dark chocolate with 24- karat gold flakes and high quality cocoa beans. Gold flakes are applied manually.

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Rio Della Plata

Rio della Plata, inspired by Magna Grecia. Produced in dark chocolate with high quality cocoa beans.

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Romana, elegance and sophistication in perfect harmony. Exclusive 100% high quality milk or dark chocolate.

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Hermes, the Trader and the Traveler. Exclusive 100% high quality milk or dark chocolate.

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Medusa & the Aquatic flower. Connecting Earth, Life & the Aquatic world. A masterpiece in pure milk or dark chocolate.

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Pantheon, the breathtaking beauty of the Dome, cast in divine dark chocolate. Exclusive 100% premium cocoa beans.


Navona D'Oro

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